About us

InspireYourLife is a website focused on total health and well being.

In our team we believe that transforming one’s life requires transformation of body, mind and spirit. Our articles and later our Personalized solutions  are designed to inspire our guests how to achieve their personal goals of transformation both internally and externally.

Who we are

We are a team of young people who love Life. We love the human being. We believe in his potential. Even one person alone can make a difference, if only he has a clear vision, strong will and faith in himself. He must love to evolve and grow to be the best he can physically, intellectually and spiritually.

3 main Sections 

Section 1. Inspire your Body: We love to serve Health in natural ways. We are inspired by nature. We believe that a vegan, living, enzyme-rich diet – complemented by exercise, positive thinking and non-invasive therapies – is integral to optimum health. As stated by Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, nearly 2,500 years ago: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

Section 2. Inspire your mind: We love and give an impulse to virtual knowledge, continuous research, learning and evolution. We are inspired by creativity, science, ancient greek intellect.

We are inspired by Socrates’ Way consisted of seven master keys to using our mind to the utmost:

1. Know Thyself (Γνώθι σ ‘αυτόν)

2. Ask Great Questions

3. Think for Yourself

4. Challenge Convention

5. Grow with Friends

6. Speak the Truth

7. Strengthen Your Soul 


Section 3. Inspire your soul: We love anything that exudes Beauty, Truth, High Values. Civilization, Music, Theatre, Literature, Arts… We are inspired by anything that comprises boldness, imagination and brings out intense feelings.

Our Main Philosophy: We have a holistic approach to mankind. We believe in the indissoluble bonds of the body, mind (spirit) and soul. Our physical health, diet and physical condition (body) have a result in our spiritual and mental function. The kind and quality of our thoughts (mind) determine our behavior and our psycho –physical condition. The emotions we experience (soul) have a strong impact in our physical health and the way we think. 

Targets of Inspire your Life: 

Target 1. To be always informed about the latest achievements of health science, concerning how can Man insure excellent health, beauty, youth and well-being in natural ways. To secure a good total health and acquire an attractive, strong and active body based on solutions offered by nature.

We believe that good health and a life free of disease and pain is every person’s birthright and our human legacy. This is the first step a human has to do –to free from body disease- in order to move in higher spiritual level.

So our Articles initially focus on the following:

- Prevention, nutrition based on Hippocrates diet, well-being, anti-aging, alternative treatments, physical activity, proper organic supplements, including enzymes and probiotics both in liquid form, vitamins,  column  cleansers and all the appropriate nutrients for human needs in cellular level.

Target 2. Through our own articles or by bringing out and posting other articles that represent our views, we target in creating a different view of things, in broadening your thoughts, and making them creative, in offering you motives that awaken your will and lead in action, which brings the desirable change for everyone.

Target 3. By marking the appropriate phrases, actions and people that inspire us every time, we want to share with you the stimulus that “touch” our soul, awaken our intuition and lead us in the acquisition of an excellent psychology.


Our vision

We desire to give an urge for a more complete life, more conscious in the soul level, body and mind. To enlighten a new way on how we face things. To broaden our vision so that our life gradually gets a deeper, clearer and a more complete meaning. To help man realize that he can substitute illness for health, “ugliness “ for natural beauty, ignorance for wisdom, shortage for affluence, confusion for harmony, depression for freedom.

What can “Inspire your life insure” insure for us:

Everything we propose, concerning health, natural beauty, prevention and recovery of illnesses or psycho- physical well-being issues, is based in medical research and long-lasting laboratory studies, with clinical evidence and our choice is based on the inexhaustible wealth of nature. 

As far as the acquisition of inspiration for soul and spirit is concerned, what can a person ensure for something which is so…. “Immaterial”? It is as if you try to guarantee that you can grab the air in your hands. Inspiration is like a beautiful lady that goes past you. You run after her but it is not for sure that she is going to be yours. There is no reason for our aspiration to become persistence. The only thing we can do is to relax and trust our inborn intelligence, listen to our inward voice.

InspireyourLife, our website, has targeted in giving this “voice” a new breath of life, keep it awake so that it can be expressed as powerful, creative, reborn, inspired…