Chakra Yoga Teacher Training

Μαΐου 28, 2015

“Joining Heaven on Earth” Chakra Yoga Teacher Training with Anodea Judith

When: 29 Oct 2015 – 1st of November 2015

The body is the vehicle; consciousness the driver. Yoga is the royal road, and the chakras are the map.

The chakras represent the union of heaven and earth within the human soul.

As the integrators of dualities such as body and mind, individual and divine, inner and outer, the chakras are literally the yoke of yoga— the means by which these dualities find union and wholeness.

As a map to higher consciousness, the chakras provide a vital understanding of who we are, where we are the world today, and where we are going.

Yoga is the spiritual language for accessing the chakras within you.

As chambers within the temple of the body, aligned along the central core, the chakras modulate the subtle energy or prana body.

To join heaven and earth is to ground your first chakra and then rise step by step, through the core, to reach the infinite consciousness of the crown.

In this training, designed for yoga teachers and seasoned students, you will learn the practices, postures, principles, and purposes behind this elegant and ancient map to the inner world.

  • How do you diagnose and balance chakras that are excessive or deficient through appropriate practices?
  • What is the psychology within each chakra, and what are the wounds that cause us to close down and create body armor?
  • How do you combine opposites, such as expansion and contraction, charging and discharging, rooting down and rising up, to pump pranic energy through the whole body-mind system?
  • How do you access the chakras through pranayama and breath?
  • What postures open, stimulate, or relax various chakras? How does sound, color, and mantras effect the chakras?

If you want to understand the chakra system on a deeper level than you have ever encountered; if you want to introduce the chakras into your yoga classes or personal practice; if you simply want to grow and heal— then study with world-renowned author and chakra expert, Anodea Judith.

You will learn sun salute variations for each chakra, bioenergetic exercises for each chakra, along with chakra philosophy, pranayama, mantras, guided meditation, partner yoga, and more, all while having fun in a community of like-hearted individuals traveling a similar journey.

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