Lead meditation: What can you expect to experience in the seminars?

Ιουνίου 02, 2015

 από Mykonos Alternative Health Center

I use various techniques that enable us to communicate with the deep unconscious layers of our soul.

Usually, we begin with one or two lead meditations with a specific theme, such as – the inner child, the inner woman, the inner man, what separates us from the light or what is hindering our inner sun to shine for any body to see, what is motivating us, our biggest fears and what is making us feeling happy, satisfied and fulfilled?

We will be lying down to do these meditations, which last from between 20 to 30 minutes to achieve the maximum relaxation for our body and to allow or mind to be freed. I will be leading you in a low voice until half trough the meditation. The second half of the meditation is silent, so that the participants can concentrate on the visions and information received from their inner wisdom. I accompany the meditation with gentle rhythmic sounds from my drum or singing bowl. These gentle sounds facilitate the remaining in the alpha-state of mind. This alpha-state fosters more easily accessible contact with the very individual pictures and messages of our soul. In the last 5 minutes I lead the participants out of the state of deep meditation back to reality using my voice, after which every body is free to share the received insights with the other participants.

To conclude, we usually do some representative perception exercises in a group or in groups of two persons. These exercises allow us to continue working with the received pictures in the meditation, to increase the knowledge and enlighten the messages for ourselves.

These exercises in groups have shown to be an ideal healing method for bodily symptoms, psychological stress symptoms or undefined fears, etc…

The above techniques allow the revelation of the hidden aspects of our being. These hidden aspects, once integrated conciously in our personality, frequently turn out to be our greatest natural talents and tresors which help us to succeed in live. In the process of discovering our hidden talents in the group we go through many forgotten emotions, we laugh, we cry, we shout, we sing and dance spontaneously. Happiness and many valuable gifts can arise in this process.

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