Yoga and Meditation, Silent Retreat with Konstantinos Charantiniotis

Ιανουαρίου 12, 2015

In the healing land of ancient Epidavros you will have the opportunity to offer your self an amazing and transformative experience.

This is a retreat where we will practice “Mouna”. Absolute silence for 3 days. Silence, “Mouna” in sanskrit is not just absence of speech but also the quietening of mental activity.

Speaking is one of the major expressions of the human personality and it is part of human nature. If we cut off this sensory experience then the mind has to find other ways to express its energy. When you are interacting with people it is difficult to study yourself as you are being extrovert and focusing on them.

Periods of silence guide us on the path of self-discovery and self analysis, revealing avenues of change required, that we are not able to identify or even realize in the busyness and noise of everyday life.

In a retreat like this with the practice of “Mouna” you will gradually begin to observe and understand the functioning and patterns of the mind. You become more introverted and aware of your thoughts, desires, emotions, and so on. It is said in the Vedas that through the practice of “Mouna” on can develop the attitude of a seer, or one who observes everything. This will cultivate the power of “Viveka” (right discrimination, wisdom, knowledge).


Through silence the brain and nerves are soothed and meditation becomes easier. It helps to control anger, irritability and negative emotions. Silence develops will power, gives peace of mind, makes it easier to speak the truth and gives control over the speech. It brings serenity, calmness and leads to inner spiritual strength.

Besides the psychological , there are physical health ben­e­fits of being still, qui­et­ing the mind and elim­i­nat­ing noise.

A Silent retreat will greatly help you if you have conditions like:

- insomnia

– stress

– anxiety

– high blood pressure

– lack of attention

The practice:

We will practice Yoga every day morning and evening. We will spend time in seated meditation 3 times per day and we will do mindfulness walks in nature.

There will be free time to relax and contemplate in the beautiful setting of the estate.

With your registration to this retreat you agree to participate by following specific rules that will help everybody to have a beautiful and transformative experience.

    Practicing none speaking from the begging of the retreat until the end.

(there is going to be a specific time every day if you have the need to speak with the teacher for your practice or an assistance for logistics)

  •     Absolute No mobile use or any other electronic device
  •     No book reading
  •     No smoking
  •     Being mindful and holding sacred space for your self and others.


All our meals are vegetarian and delicious, prepared with local organic vegetables and fruits.

Herbals tea will be available at all times.

The Teacher:

Konstantinos is a yoga teacher with a 20 years experience in meditation in various meditation techniques. His personal practice and what he is offering is informed from Vipassana and mindfulness meditation.

When: 6 Mar 2015 – 15:00

Where: High Groves estate, Ancient Epidavros, Epidavros


Starting Friday at 15:00

Ending Sunday at 17:00

Participation is at 220€*  and includes  (accommodation, yoga, meditation, meals), except of transportation to the retreat venue.

*The above price doesn’t include VAT 23 %

In case of cancellation of the retreat on our behalf, full retreat fee refund is provided.

In case of cancellation of your participation 1 month in advance full retreat fee refund.

For cancellations made less than 30 days  before the event, partial retreat fee refund is provided, and an amount is kept for hotel booking and administrations costs.


You will need to bring yoga mat. A blanket to be warm and cushion/pillow for seating in meditation. Also an umbrella, a torch and second pair of shoes for walking in nature.

Transportation is with your own car. The location is in Epidavros and a detailed map and route will be send to you upon registration.

Limited seats make your reservation now  and join us for a memorable experience!

For more info please contact us at and 0030 2103238133

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