InspireYourLife at “Young” Shipowners’ Wine Tasting Event

Σεπτεμβρίου 13, 2018

It was a great pleasure and honor for to participate in “Young” Shipowners’ Wine Tasting event held on the 18th September at Skouras Estate Winery. The event was an initiative of The Swedish Club, a leading marine mutual insurer with focus on marine safety and loss prevention.

We were asked to make this event entertaining, useful and constructive and we tried to make our best!

The Art Of Well-Being

Section 1: “The art of well-being through our body and its natural mechanisms to a strong, healthy and youthful physical condition”, Stefania Chantzi, InspireYourLife founder

Section 2: “The art of well-being through our own mind and its powerful mechanisms to inner-balance and self-healing” Elina Giachali, NLP Life & Business Coach

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