Reflecting the Light

Μαρτίου 24, 2015

We are each reflections and expressions of one light. When we are clear, we radiate with beauty and creativity. When we cloud over, we gestate, germinate and rediscover ourselves. Taking time away from everyday life gives us a chance to dance in the ever-evolving shades of light.

As we wend our way toward the brightest light of the year, we will practice yoga, including pranayama and meditation. Come join us and re-kindle your body, re-spark your mind and re-connect with your ever-present, luminous and brilliant light.

Reflecting the Light with Desiree Rumbaugh, Konstantinos Charantiniotis, Zeyneb Uras, Andrew Rivin

Paros Island Greece June 14th -21st 2015

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Event Flyer click here: Summer-Yoga-Retreat-@-Paros-Island-Greece.pdf


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